C -46 The ‘free time’

Everyone has a different route to approach an hour of crisis. The recent pandemic made us see rather strange approaches of people to utilise the “free” home time. Social media showed this time a Productivity fest which people unknowingly participated in.

Humans, because of corporate lifestyle, are used to dividing the normal day into working and non-working hours. Even one moment we spend doing something that others would not consider industrial is deemed as free. The time that you utilize to do a measurable activity is deemed as productive. This is why the first thought that entered people’s mind during the lockdown was — how to best utilize every minute. It is great when activities arise from a place of personal indulgence. What is weird is the restlessness people face when they do not do something that is considered ‘work’. In such a quest, time spent on self-care is ridiculed, and time spent on some other form of betterment is applauded.

It is indeed the privilege of us few to live comfortably in a time that has caused a global upheaval. Do not measure your activities on the scale created by an industry that profits from your work timings. The notion of productivity was in fact created to extract maximum manpower. So much so that the person begins to feel that the time they spend on either themself or their loved ones is a waste! The narrative of losing out on personal life events due to work commitments are sometimes romanticized more than they should be. Putting your self on the back seat does prove helpful at times, but in some situations, it is indeed disastrous.

It took us one pandemic to get in touch with who we really are, if not our work. It is shameful yet eye-opening. My key takeaway is to keep in touch with our basic instincts in the quest to reach maximum productivity.

A budding storyteller, exploring the ‘me’ in Media!