C -57 Movie Review — Wake Up Sid

Bias Alert — This is the critic’s favourite film. I believe this movie was highly underrated during its time. It is not path-breaking in any sense but is a perfect slice of life film that will be a perfect virtual cuddle on sleepless nights. The movie is centred around Mumbai, the city of dreams. Ranbir plays the role of Sid, and Konkona plays Ayesha.

Both the characters are polar opposite to each other. While Konkana plays roll of a mature, driven working woman, Ranbir plays on the same image that is constructed around most of his movies — the spoilt brat! The basic storyline is, that Sid meets Ayesha at their college farewell party and they hang around and eventually become friends. Sid is a usual party-goer, but all the music stops after he gets to know that he has failed college. His parents are angry, he throws a fit and now has no place to go. Thus, he starts living with Ayesha. The trope of opposites turning into friends and then into a lover is a safe play liked by all.

The story captures all the beautiful nuances of relationships. Then whether it is a mom learning English to fit in with his son’s circle, or a brat making meals for his friend out of love. The story talks about dreams, the usual career dilemma, friendships and love. And what really binds the movie is their ultimate music album. Each song is well placed in the sequence and smoothes over the transition with ease. After watching the movie, every pattering rain dop will sound like Iktara to you!

The movie is so raw and organic that it drowns your presence gets drowned in a world built by Ayesha and Sid. The cast is absolutely on point. Anupam Kher, Supriya Pathak, Rahul Khanna, Namit Das, Kashmira Shah, Atisha Naik have all acted par excellence. Ayaan always does magic with Ranbir on screen. The movie is available on Netflix India, and I highly recommend you to watch it!




A budding storyteller, exploring the ‘me’ in Media!

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Sanika Newaskar

Sanika Newaskar

A budding storyteller, exploring the ‘me’ in Media!

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