C -60 The Ultimate Blog Challenge

For me, there is nothing more cathartic than writing. I am a high maintenance writer. To write, I need a hot beverage, some finger food, window-side table, trendy writing material, and the perfect state of mind. I can arrange for all the other things with ease, but the last time on that list is always the toughest to garner. On top of that, I had undertaken a 60-day blog challenge, which required us to write one blog, per day for 60 days, alongside a weekly blog written every Sunday. Writing can be fun, but writing consistently surely puts one at their wit’s end. I tried writing something every day but struggled either with writer's block or was infested by a simple case of procrastination. Now that I am writing my last blog, all. I wish to say is — This effort was worth all of it!

Writing every day makes you so much more perceptive! We lose out on every bright thought we could capture, but did not! The feeling of finally putting your thoughts to paper is uncomparable. That consistency can only be achieved when you start noting down small ideas that cross your mind on a notepad or phone. I have a Whatsapp group, all for my ownself, wherein I literally spill words around until they make sense.

It is practically impossible to be always in the ‘zone’ to write. Sometimes, we just need to build that zone by diving headfirst into the task. The first day is always tough, it is gradually that we start picking pace. In professions like mine, (Public Relations) writing can make you or break you. Creativity is one thing that cannot (until now) be replaced by a machine, hence we must take up every chance to prove how we can outdo our own selves. Now that I took up this challenge, I am even more motivated to write more and regularly!




A budding storyteller, exploring the ‘me’ in Media!

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Sanika Newaskar

Sanika Newaskar

A budding storyteller, exploring the ‘me’ in Media!

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