W 22 — Advent of Wearable Technology

Sanika Newaskar
2 min readMay 21, 2021


Technology is advancing at a pace, never fathomed before! The current pandemic revealed our dependency on technology to sail through life. From heating our morning coffee, to setting an alarm at night, our entire lives are in a way guided by our technological consumption. Technology has become such an inseparable part of human existence, so much so, that it should not surprise us to see wearable technology a part of our daily accessory.

Wearable technology is any kind of electronic device designed to be worn on the user’s body. They include literally everything from smart jewellery, wristbands, watches, pins to smaller devices that typically work in tandum with a smartphone app for display and interaction. Wearable tech has now started interfering with sectors like Health and Fitness too.

Wearable technology is widely used in fitness training. People can now keep a track of the time they dedicated to fitness, the steps they walked, the number of hours they slept, the calories they burned, and set reminders as well. Because, wearable fitness tech gives so much autonomy to users, many people have stopped hiring gym instructors as they themselves can keep a track of their routine and diet.

Wearable tech also has a great influence on the Health Care industry. The wearable tech can keep a track of pulse rate, blood pressure and track medical reports, to ease self-diagnosis.

Thus, according to me, wearable tech has completely transformed the face of healthcare and fitness industry, by empowering people to keep a track of their routine activities. Various wearables also aid women in keeping a track of their period cycle, give tips to avoid inconveniences like cramps and allow customization according to each cycle. Such apps also cater to people going through pregnancy. Thus, early and accessible diagnosis has become possible because of wearable tech.

The question regarding individual privacy and replacement of jobs always circles any advancement in technology. But other than the obvious cautions, wearable tech is one key trend that will transform the face of 21st century.